Welcome to the website of the research group environmental economics of Hasselt University.

We are a group of enthusiastic researchers, aiming to inspire people towards sustainable change. Our research objective is to assess environmental economic choices by sound scientific analyses to support decision makers and to reduce uncertainty. More specifically, we focus on two themes: (1) economic and environmental analysis of clean technologies, and (2) the valuation of ecosystem services. You can read more about this in the about us section.

We deliver publications of scientific articles and develop and carry out national and international projects. We do this both in collaboration with our colleagues from U Hasselt’s Center for Environmental Sciences and other U Hasselt researchers, and within a wide national and international research network. We are actively working with policy-makers, as well as with industry. oWe are always looking forward to new projects and collaborations with new partners.

We use this website as an instrument to connect with the larger industrial and scientific community. This website provides easy access to our results,shows links with related projects, and is considered as a tool to share our enthusiasm about environmental economics. Have a look at our blogs and check this website frequently for updates! Don’t forget to subscribe to our “newsletter” as well.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about what we are doing, you can contact us.